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The Very Best Care for Your Dog’s Sunset Years 

Welcome to My Geriatric Dog

If you are a pet parent and the owner of an older dog, chances are you’ve had that dog for a long time, maybe even since puppy hood. You’ve made a mutual commitment to one another and have taken care of each other for a good many years now.

Although our cuddly canine companions are living longer than ever these days, it’s no secret that the canine species’ lifespan does not match our own. Many dog owners the world over will find themselves caring for their faithful friend through the ‘golden years’ and all the health changes that come about with advancing age.

The aim of this website is to address the problems that aging dogs face, why exactly they are happening and what you can do to ease your precious pet through it.

People and dogs have had a special bond for centuries; Much of humankind’s noble efforts have gone into developing different methods and products for helping our canine companions live longer, healthier and happier lives. We want our pets to stay with us for as long as possible, as long as they’re still having fun. 

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