A dog is typically considered geriatric at age 7 to 12, (depending on the breed) as larger breeds tend to age faster than small breeds.

Hello there and welcome to My Geriatric Dog! You’re obviously a pet lover and if you are the owner of an older dog, chances are you’ve made a longtime commitment to that dog, perhaps since puppy hood. More accurately though, you’ve both made a mutual commitment to one another. It happens naturally. You share a special bond and now in your faithful friend’s twilight years, you want to ensure that your canine companion enjoys health, happiness and comfort in the best ways possible. The great news is that these days, there are some easy ways to help you do that!

The Story Of Kenny, Sue, And Toni

My name is Sue and Kenny is my husband. Toni was the “dog of our lives” as she spent her 18 remarkable years with us as our beloved pet and many times our “surrogate kid.” She danced into our lives as a stray puppy and looked up at us with her laughing expression as if to say, “Can I spend my life with you guys?” The rest was history. 

We took very good care of her- oh, let’s be honest, we spoiled her rotten! The best food, toys and treats, long walks and swims at the river, a safe, warm and dry bed, and of course, regular veterinary visits. She spent her 18 years of life loving and protecting my husband and me and she also kept us laughing! She taught us life lessons about joy and about just letting go of the bad stuff.

Why I Want To Help Others Help Their Beloved Dogs

It was only natural that we wanted to take extra special care of Toni in her sunset years and my husband and I made that a priority. Those of you who’ve experienced life with a dog getting up in age can see the signs: The alert sparkle in her eye grows cloudy. His coal-black muzzle goes frosty gray and he doesn’t hear you when you call him sometimes. She takes a longer time standing up from a sitting position or circles her bed 6 or 7 times before she gets comfortable. He doesn’t mind it when you leave without him for your morning jog and let him sleep.

At the time when Toni was getting older, I was working for a veterinarian and had been for many years so I was privy on a daily basis to the latest and best products and services out there for senior dogs. What I didn’t find out to my satisfaction at work, I researched online. The result was that we were able to minimize Toni’s arthritic discomfort and the seemingly inevitable health changes that come with advancing years. I also like to think that the effort we put into keeping her happy and comfortable in her later years contributed to her extraordinarily long life.

The Goal Of My Website

I would like to help you do the same with your beloved pet! Yes, as we dog lovers know all too well, as wonderful as dogs are, their major flaw is that their life spans don’t match ours in longevity. But whether you’ve had your canine companion since puppy hood, or you’ve more recently acquired a senior dog, know that you can ease this time in their lives and make the golden years just as happy as all the rest of the years!   Silhouette of Man and Dog at Sunset             

If you have any questions, comments, or something that’s just plain bothering you, feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to help you out.

Sue Kolman


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