Product: Fur E. Frenz / Dog Lift Harness Sling

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Veterinarian Approved for Arthritis and Joint Pain, Knee and Hip Stability, and Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Fur E. Frenz

Dog Lift Harness Sling/ ACL Brace/ Limping Help Up Aid/ Veterinarian Approved for Old K9 Cruciate Ligament Support, / Canine Arthritis, / Rehabilitation, / Poor Stability, / Joint Injuries, / Mobility and Recovery

Product Overview

This Dog Lift Harness Sling may be just what the doctor ordered if you have a geriatric pet having trouble with mobility. Mobility for your dog could be going up and down stairs, taking a walk, or even just getting up from a sitting or lying down position. Whatever the situation, it is designed to make both of your lives easier and more enjoyable.

This product is made specifically for larger breed dogs. The two sizes it comes in are large and extra-large. The extra-large size can support dogs with a girth measuring 28 to 33 inches, and who weigh up to 200 lbs. Consequently, it is made of premium quality, extra support material USA tested for durability. The fasteners are heavy duty velcro.

The harness straps are adjustable so that you don’t have to bend while helping your furry friend. The lift harness sling is machine washable but should be air or clothesline dried.



  • It’s a simple, supportive device that allows you to help your dog! Walks or little outings you used to enjoy together are possible again.
  • Many senior dogs with hip dysplasia and muscle atrophy have great trouble navigating stairs. Now you can help him get up and down steps and even up into the car with less pain and greater ease.
  • It’s designed for large and giant breeds for whom arthritis and joint pain is the most debilitating.
  • The extra strong lifting reinforcement pad is 32.5 inches long and 8 inches wide for excellent contact support.
  • This product is not only good for geriatric arthritic dogs but can be used for those pets recovering from injury or surgery. It’s vet approved for knee and hip recovery and rehabilitation.
  • It’s machine washable; no muss or fuss. Available in blue and black.


  • The product is designed for larger breed dogs only. (Yes, this one is also a PRO but not if you are the owner of a medium or small breed dog suffering with arthritic joint pain or recovering from surgery.) If it seems a bit exclusive, small and medium breeds have their own physical aids, and joint pain, whether due to injury or advancing years, is much kinder to smaller dogs than it is to large or giant breeds.
  • It may be difficult for you to choose a size for your pet if the choices are Large and X-large. You’ll have to measure and weigh your dog. The Large size is designed for a dog 24 to 28 inches in girth, ( measure him in front of his hind legs) weighing 45 to 75 lbs. X-large is for a girth of 28 to 33 inches who weighs 75 to 200 lbs.
  • Yes its machine washable and that’s great since our Big Old Babies tend to get stinky after a walk or swim. But tough and durable as this material is, it can’t be guaranteed not to shrink in the dryer.
  • Do I want to trust ‘velcro’ with my 110 lb. baby?  But we’re talking ‘heavy duty velcro.’

In Conclusion

Most of the customer reviews thought that the Fur E. Frenz / Dog Lift Harness Sling truly helped improve their lives and was worth every penny. I myself have only used the large size on my dog Eckhart who is 57 lbs. The product fit well and definitely helped me help him get up and down stairs better. We now use it on neighborhood walks as well and I swear he actually walks along beside me with a smile on his face!

With the stability of this lift harness sling plus the essential support you give holding onto it from above, your faithful family member can more easily rise, walk, climb, and just generally lead a more normal, active, and dignified life.                                           Smiling GoldenYOU ARE INVITED TO LEAVE QUESTIONS, COMMENT, OR YOUR OWN REVIEW BELOW!