Dog lovers are the best people to buy for. No matter how much doggie stuff they have, they are always open to receiving more, especially if it’s a funny or touching gift. In my opinion, the best dog lover gifts can be found at Dog Is Good, a dog lifestyle company that specializes in such items. 

This wonderful company creates and markets its own products that celebrate the magnificent human-canine bond. The organization was originally recognized as a mostly apparel manufacturing business but is quickly gaining a reputation for carrying the best dog lover gifts ever. Never Walk Alone

There are mugs, rugs, accessories, wall art, apparel, decorative automotive supplies, pet products and more, all geared to the dog owner whose attitude is: “Love me, love my dog.”  

And though all of their merchandise does make great gifts, if you also fit in the dog-lover category, you’ll likely want to get some items for yourself or your home. I know I surely did! 

How Dog Is Good Came About

The idea of Dog Is Good started to form in the minds of a young couple living in Washington state, USA, around 2005. She was a professional dog trainer and dog lover, he was a U.S. Navy Captain and dog lover. 

She longed for fashionable women’s clothing which would also express her crazy-about-dogs tendencies. He was  clever, funny and full of ideas which he longed to channel into his penchant for dogs. He came up with the play-on-words suggestion of changing “God Is Good” to “Dog Is Good.” They both envisioned a niche idea that the marketplace was just ready and waiting for.Jon and Gila Kurtz

After the proverbial light bulb came on above their heads, they hooked up with a pet photographer friend who also saw the concept’s potential and shared their enthusiasm for its future. She decided to help build this little company idea into something bigger.

A short while later, the U.S. Navy moved the couple to southern California and this little group started creating a few simple T-shirts and ball caps which they sold at local events. The public ate it up and bought up what inventory they had. Confidence in their niche idea grew, as did their line of apparel.

The company logo was created and the business continued to grow and grow;Dog Is Good And aren’t we glad it did because now we are able to conveniently shop for the best dog lover gifts and products on the market! All thanks to Jon and Gila Kurtz and their pet photographer friend, J. Nicole Smith. If not for their creativity and hard work, the dog loving population would have definitely missed out! 

Dog-Loving Folks are Well Known Fun-Loving Folks!

Domestic dogs come into the world as puppies, and puppies are born playful. They are furry, tumbly little balls of cuteness, energy and fun, which most people are drawn to if only to share in the joy of being around them. 

Those of us true-blue dog people know that the fun doesn’t stop at puppy hood. Our canine companions are always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh. What we find fun, they also find fun; an invigorating run on the nature trail or a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. A fishing trip on the boat or an afternoon on the Mutt Mugcouch rooting for your favorite football team. A game of frisbee or a lazy nap.I Like Big Mutts

That’s another thing I love about the gift items created by Dog Is Good. They’re fun! For instance, if you have a Big Lug of a Guy in your life who has a Big Lug of a Dog, you can choose from the items featuring a verse take-off from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s very funny hit, Baby Got Back  “I Like Big Mutts” (and I cannot lie)!

Or maybe you have a best girlfriend who chose having dogs over having children. (I actually have several friends like that.)  You can gift her with a tee or sweatshirt announcing, Dog Mom ~ best relationship ever”;  or this handy tote…”OMG!! I Forgot To Have Children!”Forgot ChildrenDog Mom


Many Dog Loving Ladies are Gentle, Peaceful Souls

Do you have a woman friend in your life who is into meditation, yoga, and dogs? ALL of my friends do, and that woman is ME. That’s why I love their line of products that recognizes and includes this lifestyle!Dog Is My Zen

I also worked in a veterinary clinic for many years as a vet tech and I was always delighted when a client would present me with a ‘thank you’ gift or a ‘Happy Holidays’ gift. If you have a friendly relationship with your veterinarian or a favorite vet tech, Dog Is Good also makes great scrub tops. 

I sure wish I’d have known about this company back when I was a veterinary technician I would have had a scrub top for every workday of the week!

Scrub Top





Gift cards are also available at Dog Is Good as well as pet supplies for your favorite dog lover’s cuddly canine companion.

And some very cool items are specially priced for clearance right now!Game OnNever Garden Alone

Dog Is Good Gives Back

An essential aspect of this great company is giving back to the canine community. I guess you could say that one important mission of Dog Is Good is to be Good For Dogs.

They have earned a reputation for contributing generously to animal welfare organizations, as well as donating to pet saving non-profits and auctions. This creative company also designs customized products to raise funds for animal charities. 

Dog Is Good aligns itself with organizations such as Freedom Service Dogs, an organization that rescues dogs from being ‘put down’ (destroyed) and trains them to interact with and improve the lives of disabled people. These disabled people (the clientele of Freedom Service Dogs) include active duty soldiers, veterans, and children with debilitating diseases. 

Needless to say, the lives of both the dog and the person are greatly enhanced by this interaction. And Freedom Service Dogs is only one of many that Dog Is Good partners with.

Not only do I enjoy shopping on their website and giving their fabulous gift items to my special family members and friends, I love doing good for dogs!

Puppy Breath Candle

No article entitled “Best Dog Lover Gifts” would be complete without the puppy breath scented jar candle. Talk about a fun gift…and 50% of all the profits go to animal shelters!


I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best dog lover gifts and after shopping or browsing at Dog Is Good, I think that you’ll agree that it’s definitely ‘Fun Stuff!’ Please leave any comments or questions you have in the section below and thanks so much for visiting!