Ear infections are a fairly common health issue in dogs and some dogs are more prone to getting them than others. If you and your dog have ever been through the ordeal of a canine ear infection (much more painful for the dog of course), you know that it’s a condition you would rather prevent than experience again. (Your dog would definitely agree!)

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Even if your dog has never suffered with an ear infection, preventing one is always preferable to treating one, since it’s much easier and cheaper. Here is my review on Epi Otic ear cleaner for dogs, a product that I believe every pet parent should have in the doggie cupboard.


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This gentle yet effective ear cleaning solution for dogs (and cats!) is ideal for the prevention of ear infections in your precious pet. It can be used on a routine basis to clean and flush your dog’s healthy ears a couple times a week. Or if you have a dog that loves to swim or one that you bathe frequently, it also acts as a drying agent to be used after water exposure. Keeping your pet’s ears clean and dry is the name of the game in preventing an ear infection.

You can also use this cleansing and drying ear wash if your dog is already suffering from an inflamed or infected ear. It contains salicylic acid 0.2% which is a mild keralytic agent. This makes it ideal an antiseptic solution to gently exfoliate and loosen any cellular debris or excessive wax to be cleaned out of the ear before applying any veterinarian prescribed antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory ointment. It has a neutral pH so it won’t interfere with any other topical aural medications.

Red Cocker Spaniel Sniffing a Black Cat's EarThis product contains no alcohol or chlorhexidine both of which can be irritants to sensitive skin tissue. It does contain monosaccharides which have a soothing effect and which limit the ability of bacteria and yeast to bond to the inner ear skin surface. This ear cleaner also neutralizes the bad odors that can often accompany ear infections. It’s safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages including puppies and kittens.

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In my long career (30+ years) as a vet tech, we always stocked Virbac products, from doggie toothpaste to heartworm prevention to shampoos to ear care products. Virbac is a French company devoted to animal health and is one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical groups worldwide.

Our veterinary hospital used Virbac products at first because they were highly recommended by other veterinarians. But we soon found out that they were thoroughly effective at treating whatever canine condition they were designed for. They were also easy for our staff to use, easy for our clients to learn to use, and affordable all around.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from my Epi Otic Ear Cleaner for Dogs review. If you have any relevant questions or comments I would love to read them so please leave them for me in the comment section below.

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