Product: Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade; {5lb. bag with powder duster}

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Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade – Product Overview

Since diatomaceous earth is really the fossilized skeletons of tiny water creatures, it is an all natural flea control for dogs. When we think of our beloved canine companions, do we really want to think about topical or oral chemical flea control? I sure don’t; Especially not for my geriatric babies.

Harris food grade diatomaceous earth is 100% freshwater ground fossilized remains of microscopic water creatures. It’s safe for mammals but deadly to fleas and certain other crawling insects such as ticks, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and earwigs. The product really does kill fleas on domestic pets and can also be used (and should be used) on your dog’s bedding, as well as any other place in the home that he likes to lay. Yellow Lab Sleeping on a Blue Dog Bed

Outdoor areas should be targeted too, especially the places he frequents. My old Labrador has a favorite place under the pecan tree in the backyard which I keep liberally dusted with Harris DE. And I dust him with it too, of course being careful around his eyes, nose and mouth (although this product is so safe, it can even be ingested).

This particular product also comes with a powder duster which is ideal for spreading the diatomaceous earth efficiently and evenly. It’s great for tight spaces, making it easy to spread the DE in difficult to reach areas. It also includes a 6-inch extension for exact application.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s effective, organic flea control. Safe for you and your pets but deadly to Mr. and Mrs. flea as well as other harmful pests.
  • DE can also be used to eliminate intestinal worms in your dog within a week of daily feeding.
  • Diatomaceous earth can safely be used in your pet’s bedding and around your home to kill fleas and other unwanted guests.
  • It can be used in your yard and garden to kill external fleas and other insects while being perfectly safe for wildlife.
  • Because the elimination of fleas with DE is a purely physical process, it is impossible for fleas to develop a resistance to it.
  • When properly stored in a cool, dry place, there is no limit to the shelf life of DE so you can buy it in bulk.
  • DE really does have many other uses but we are concerned with flea control here; However, for an all natural product with many practical uses, it is relatively cheap!


  • Diatomaceous earth can dry out your dog’s skin with regular use. Because of this, it’s recommended that with his routine baths, you use a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Although DE is very effective against adult fleas, it does not kill the eggs. Fleas breed and lay eggs at an alarming rate so to stay ahead of an infestation, regularly washing your dog’s bedding and vacuuming will be necessary for several weeks after you’ve started using DE. (Helpful Hint: A humidifier will speed up the flea eggs hatching and developing so you can eliminate them quicker.)
  • Rain, dampness, or wet surfaces makes DE less effective, so whether you’re sprinkling it on grass, bedding, floors, soil, or your dog, make sure all is dry.

How often should I apply Harris DE?

Diatomaceous earth food grade has long term effectiveness since its not a chemical and does not evaporate or lose its potency. You can apply the product to your dog’s bedding and other areas around the home and leave it for a few weeks. You’ll have to sweepA Mound of Diatomaceous Earth, vacuum or wash the bedding after that to remove dead flea debris.

If you mop the floor, shampoo the carpet, or wash your dog’s bedding, just make sure everything is all dry before reapplying DE. Likewise, with your dog; If you think he had fleas before you rubbed him with DE, you’ll want to wash him after a few days (with a moisturizing shampoo) to remove the dead flea remains. Then make sure he’s completely dry before reapplying. But as long as he stays dry, you don’t have to reapply till after his next bath!

Also, vacuum regularly to capture any flea eggs. But remember, flea eggs will hatch whether they’re in your carpet or in a vacuum cleaner compartment so empty it after a good going over around the house.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or comments about Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, please leave them below; Or you are invited to leave your own review!