As your precious pet approaches his golden years, you may find yourself worrying more about his health. Although he may still be in relatively fine shape now, you know with advancing years come inevitable wellness changes and an increased risk of illness. Maybe you’ve been thinking about pet insurance for older dogs and wondering what policies would be best for your old buddy.Dillion

If he’s faced with a serious medical condition, would you be able to afford the best treatments and medications available? This can be an unsettling question for a loving pet parent, especially if you’ve had your senior dog since puppy hood.

Many dog owners prefer the peace of mind that comes with pet insurance. Let’s look at the best pet insurance for older dogs regarding affordability, coverage and availability.

Pets Best

If you’re thinking of buying pet insurance for your senior dog for the first time, Pets Best is an ideal insurance provider. There are two major reasons why I like this company. First, there is no upper age limit on the pets that Pets Best will cover. Did you know that many pet insurance companies out there will not insure dogs over 12 years old? (My dog Toni lived to be18 years old and she was healthy for most of those years. What a turn-off it was for me to find out that a pet insurance provider I was interested in had a cut-off age of 12 years!) Old Boy Black

Secondly, Pets Best has a helpline and a mobile app available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When accident or illness befalls your precious pooch, you want to be able to speak with someone and be reassured when it suits you, not when it suits the insurance company. And they pay out claims relatively quickly, usually within 5 days or less.

They also have a wide range of plans and flexible coverage options so you can choose the plan that’s right for you and your cuddly canine companion. You can get a free quote of what your premiums would be by going to and entering some information about your dog, as well as your selection of annual limit (if any), your annual deductible, and level of reimbursement.

A few other things I like about Pets Best is that it was founded by a veterinarian and is recommended by vets. The company also donates to rescue charities. This insurance is available worldwide.

Go Pet Plan

Pet Plan is another excellent choice when considering pet insurance for older dogs. Like Pets Best, it has a 5 star rating and no age limit so you can enroll your furry friend no matter how old he is. Go Pet Plan is actually the world’s #1 insurance provider for pets with over a million pet parent policy holders around the globe.

They offer complete coverage options for dogs of all ages and will not cancel your policy just because your pet is getting on in years and having health issues. I also like the fact that there are no policy exclusions for chronic (long-term) conditions or hereditary conditions.

TootieAll Pet Plan policies cover veterinary examination fees, accidents (from broken bones to bee stings), illnesses (including ear infections and dental disease), chronic conditions (such as allergies), and hereditary disorders like hip dysplasia.

This pet insurance company also offers 24/7 customer care and if you go to for your free quote, there is a “Live Chat” tab to the right where you can ask any question you want. This insurance is also available worldwide.

Healthy Paws

I must include Healthy Paws Pet Insurance here because it was the top customer rated pet insurance provider in 2016, 2017, and 2018. But what I don’t like about it for senior dogs is that is does have an age limit, and that limit is 14 years. However, you can enroll your old Best Bud up until his 14th birthday and once he’s enrolled, his coverage is the same as any other policy-holding pooch, no matter how old he gets.

Healthy Paws offers one straightforward pet insurance plan. It covers illness, accidental injury, emergency care, hereditary and chronic conditions, diagnostic tests and treatment, hospitalization, surgery, prescription meds, cancer (not preexisting) and more. There are no maximum caps on payouts, annual, lifetime, or per-incident. The premium is affordable, though of course the rate would increase with the age (and breed) of your dog.

As for customer care, they have a phone number with representatives available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. & Sun. There is also an email address you can send your question(s) to and a FAQ section. (No 24/7 customer care available here.)

You can go to to check out their rates. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is available in the USA only.

One last word about Healthy Paws ~ At Least Get a Quote

Healthy Paws is also a Foundation which gives back by helping stray animals. If you just go to the above website and get a pet insurance quote, this results in a donation toward medical care for a homeless pet. The donations are cash grants to pet adoption agencies for spay/neuter procedures, vaccines, and life saving medical treatment to help these sick, homeless pets become adoptable. I'm So Old

If you enroll your dog in the plan, you can protect your pet (and your bank account) while giving a brighter tomorrow to a shelter animal. If this cause is near and dear to your heart and you’re on the fence about which pet insurance company to use (and you live in the USA) you may want to consider Healthy Paws when contemplating pet insurance for older dogs. But keep in mind that as good as this pet insurance company is, it’s not the very best for a geriatric dog.

Read the Fine Print and Ask Questions

As with any insurance policy you are purchasing, make sure you ask questions. Write down any questions that come to you and be sure to ask. This ensures that you know about any hidden fine print that you may be overlooking

The pet insurance providers referenced here are trustworthy and strive for the good of the customer and the pet. Yet we’ve all heard about the scenario where we find out about the fine print of our own health insurance policies just when we need them!

And be aware that pet insurance works on a reimbursement model, so you don’t have to worry whether your trusted vet of many years accepts pet insurance. You pay the vet bill, submit the claim to your pet insurance provider and are reimbursed. Mostly these claims are filed online and payed out within days.

I hope you have learned a good bit about pet insurance for older dogs. It certainly beats being faced with a crisis where your faithful friend needs medical or emergency attention and you may be unable to provide it. Thank you for visiting!