Many of us dog lovers know that pumpkin is a source of some pretty great health benefits for dogs. It can also be something of a superfood when it comes to treating certain ailments and relieving some canine conditions. In this Pumpkin and Dogs Review, I will be assessing some of the top quality and highest rated pumpkin products for dogs available on Amazon today.Chocolate Labrador Sitting Beside Three Beautiful Pumpkins

If you’re not yet familiar with the wonders of this gorgeous Halloween gourd for your canine kid, learn more here.

1st Pumpkin Product: Nummy Tum Tum Organic Pumpkin Pet Food Supplement

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This canned pumpkin pet supplement is an Amazon’s Choice product. This means that it’s highly rated in customer satisfaction, reasonably priced, and ready to ship on demand. Pumpkin puree is rich in nutrients and fiber and can help your dog with digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea; Or it can just keep a healthy canine digestive system running smoothly.

Pumpkin has plenty of zinc and vitamin A to help beautify your dog’s skin and haircoat. Also a good source of vitamin E and folate (a B vitamin), this wonderfood also supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system.

Could your Pudgy Pal stand to lose a few pounds? Adding this fibrous food to his diet every day can help him lose weight without feeling deprived. The extra fiber and moisture content in this low calorie treat will help your dog feel satisfied sooner.

Any more good news? Yes! Most dogs love the taste so you’ll have no problem getting your furry friend to partake of all these natural healthy benefits. You can mix it in with your dog’s regular diet, or give it as a tasty treat.

And these Nummy Tum Tum cans have only ingredient: Organic Pumpkin. I myself have used this very product for canine constipation, doggie diarrhea, and as a weight loss aid. But my dogs love it so much, I always keep some on the shelf just to give them a treat when they look at me adoringly, or make me laugh, which is most days.

2nd Pumpkin Product: Megga Dog Sport and Field (with Pumpkin Seed Oil)

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If you don’t yet know how valuable the ingredients of pumpkin seed oil can be for our cherished canine companions, allow this Pumpkin and Dogs Review to clue you in. Properly processed pumpkin seed oil is packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as omega 3 fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Megga Dog Sport and Field nutritional supplement for dogs is prepared especially for our precious pooches. The benefits of this organic oil for a dog’s urinary tract are fourfold: It supports a healthy bladder and kidneys, prevents both bladder and kidney stones from forming, prevents UTI (urinary tract infections), and even helps older pets with overactive bladder and incontinence.

But the health benefits of this product don’t stop there. All the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals support healthy bones and joints and help relieve the effects of osteoarthritis in senior dogs. Pumpkin seed oil is also known for boosting the immune system, as well as contributing to your pet’s supple skin and shiny haircoat. And dogs love the nutty taste!

Here’s an added bonus. When given regularly, Megga Dog Sport and Field acts as an anti-parastic agent and so is a natural dewormer.

This product is 100% natural, gluten-free and Non-GMO (No Genetically Modified Organisms created in a lab using genetic engineering or modification techniques). No refrigeration needed. Specific dosing instructions are listed on the back, according to the animal’s body weight.

3rd Pumpkin Product: Raw Paws Organic Pumpkin Powder

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All the benefits of canned pumpkin puree, but in a convenient powder form. This can be great if you’re traveling with your pet, or if you simply prefer opening a pouch of powder instead of opening cans. The resealable zip-lock bag will keep the product fresh, and its shelf life is two years.

I personally have never tried Raw Paws Organic Pumpkin Powder because my dogs enjoy the canned pumpkin so much. But pets are supposed to love the taste of the powder form too, whether you sprinkle it over the food, or mix it with water first, then mix it in with the contents of the supper bowl.

This pumpkin product is pure and natural, with no preservatives. Just like its cousin (the canned pumpkin version), Raw Paws Organic Pumpkin Powder is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino and fatty acids, and has the same healing properties and health benefits for your dog.

Serving amount is listed on the back of the pouch along with the ingredients: 100% USDA Certified Organic Pumpkin Powder. This product also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

4th Pumpkin Product: Pumpkin Biscuits Dog Treats

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Portland Pet Food Company proudly presents: Pumpkin Biscuits Dog Treats.
This is one puppy pumpkin product that is not made strictly from pumpkin; But wholesome pumpkin being the main ingredient, these dog treats are delicious and easily digestible, with nothing artificial added, and I do mean nothing.They’re made with 100% natural human grade quality ingredients and appeal to even the most finicky of canine kids. The tasty treats come only in one size but are very crunchy and easy to break, so they’re suitable for all breed sizes and ages, from puppies to senior dogs.

Portland Pet Food Company donates 5% of net profits to local animal shelters and rescue programs, so you can love these Pumpkin Biscuits Dog Treats as much as your dog does!

I hope you have enjoyed and learned from this Pumpkin and Dogs Review. If you weren’t aware of the fact that pumpkin and dogs is a good combination, I hope you are now. Please leave me any comments, questions, or observations in the comment section below. Or better yet, if you try one of these products, share your own review! Thanks for visiting My Geriatric Dog.