If your cuddly canine companion has put on a few pounds, your veterinarian has likely warned you of the dangers of canine obesity and maybe even recommended a diet and exercise plan for your precious pet.

Overweight dogs have a shorter life expectancy, and their quality of life is greatly reduced by having to lug around excess weight that puts extra pressure on their joints as well as on their internal organ systems.

Luckily, there are many weight management dog foods on the market and this review covers three of the top canned dog foods designed to help your chubby chum get back to a more normal, natural weight.





This product is designed for the overweight adult dog. It contains 25% less fat than the Pro Plan regular adult wet food. It’s made with real turkey and rice for extra bulk and easy digestibility.

Turkey and rice is the only flavor this weight management version of Pro Plan comes in, but that may very well be a good thing if your dog’s intestinal tract has been mistreated by fatty table scraps recently.

It meets the nutritional needs of the overweight and/or under active adult dog while restricting fat and calorie intake. It’s also formulated with appropriate protein levels to make ensure that your dog loses fat, not muscle.

It’s got added vitamins and minerals to boost your dog’s immune system and nourish skin and hair coat. All ingredients are listed on the back label as well as a table for individual dog weights, and amounts to feed for a 10% or 25% reduction in calories.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Weight Management canned food is most economical when used for small breeds. If you have a large breed dog, using the strictly canned food version of this weight loss plan may not be the way to go.

But the great news is, the DRY food version of this canine weight management system is also one of the top choices for helping your canine companion get back to a normal, healthy weight. Or you can mix the two, like I did.

But if you have an overweight Yorkie, a ropy-poly poodle, or a pudgy pug, this low fat turkey and rice cuisine can be ideal for helping your pet shed extra weight. And you can read the reviews on Amazon; not only did the dogs love the taste, but this diet also helped with digestive issues as well.

I hope you learned from and enjoyed this review. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before starting your dog on a diet and exercise plan. He or she will most likely have helpful tips specific to your dog’s age, weight, and overall health!

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